Barbecue is not only limited to the grilling season, we can now find it all year long in restaurants and in retail. BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs as well as BBQ-flavoured salty snacks are enjoyed year-round due to the flavour’s appeal. And speaking about flavour, the term “BBQ” encompasses a number of flavours: sweet BBQ, smoky, woody (hickory), sweet heat, tangy, alcohol-based flavours (bourbon, whiskey, etc.), or regional American BBQ sauces, which one do you prefer?

Fancy a little meat festival? Ale & molasses cowboy stew, a diced pork belly slow cooked with butter beans & smoked bacon or do you crave a hot ‘n smoky mini meatloaf served with BBQ style gravy? The meatloaf is filled with cream cheese, chilli and a hot & smoky seasoning…

Perhaps you should try the ‘Hogs Revenge’ rubbed pork baby back ribs covered in a rich jalapeño & orange BBQ sauce and served with the magic dusted grilled corn on the cob.

And do try the mini slider with “5th dimension” seasoning served with “fire cracker” sauce mini burgers served in a bagel, garnished with cheese, rocket, beef tomatoes & onion rings and eaten with your favourite pitt master seasoned fries!

To finish it off, take your favourite BBQ sauce:  a mesquite BBQ sauce and / or a pitt master BBQ sauce.