Ever since we started BeContent, we wanted to create a content marketing agency where people and brands could connect. We love fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle & corporate brands with genuine stories. Stories that need to be shared in the most authentic way. Our people first strategy enables us to connect passionate brands with relevant people. We are an expert in engaging them and building sustainable relationships. As a boutique agency, we promises to provide agile, highly engaging content solutions for our clients – from magazines to all the things the internet loves.

We are a boutique agency

We no longer believe in the traditional agency model. Big agencies are big bureaucracies, rigid in the face of an ever-evolving media landscape. Traditional ‘time tested’ methods can get in the way of modern customer engagement. So we decided to find a better way and we’ve backed ourselves to deliver it with BeContent.

BeContent’s boutique content marketing approach brings a level of passion and a deep connection with every account that is unrivalled. We tailor our thinking to each individual client because every brand is different. We listen (really listen), formulate a unique strategy and then deliver only what your brand needs.”

We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer clients the kind of personal service and world class content expertise their brands deserve. Our agile, boutique approach to strategy, creation, delivery and results is the difference between good and brilliant content.

BeContent’s purpose is to help our clients become and remain market leaders in their fields. We take them there with strategically led and smartly designed communication that engages customers and drives sales.

Between the team, BeContent have decades of experience in the industry and access to a large international network of creatives, artists and talent. By this experience we put together a carefully chosen dedicated team for each job. You always speak to the people who are working on your project. And you always get the most out of your budget.

Call us on +32 477 47 16 46 (Karen) or +32 496 93 34 41 (Lizzie) to discuss how we can bring some magic and to your business.


Be Happy, Be (the) Content!

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Liesbeth Van Wassenhoven and Karen Vandenbossche, former colleagues at Sanoma/sQills, have been managing partners of BeContent, a boutique content marketing agency that focuses on content creation for food, fashion and lifestyle brands, since 2014.

BeContent refers to content creation, but for us also to ‘contentment’

Karen: “We’re highly complementary; Liesbeth has over 15 years of experience as an art director and I on the other hand have more experience in content strategy and client service. We complement each other perfectly, and that ensures that we can shift very quickly to arrive at smart content solutions with the right marketing objectives. To this day we count ourselves fortunate that we are doing this together. You don’t build up a company from nothing into a growing success with just anyone. Entrepreneurship is very exciting. When you do it together you have a sounding board.”

Liesbeth: “Content marketing has greatly grown and evolved in recent years. You have to differentiate yourself in this growing but also changing market. As a content agency you have to be equipped for this. We set to work full of passion for every client. That demands a certain approach. So we strongly believe in the concept of a Boutique Agency; we keep our client list short and we are highly selective with regard to the people who work for us. The end result is an individualised and personalised way of offering services to our clients. We attune our thinking to each individual client, because each brand is different. We listen (really listen), formulate a unique content strategy, and then deliver only what a brand needs.”

Karen: “We always think along with our clients, and also try to  take account of their (limited) budget. Producing as efficiently as possible for every channel and for various phases of the customer journey is a must for the retail world, where everything has to move quickly. Just what we can offer with our great team of employees.”

Liesbeth: “Naturally the content has to be valuable and authentic for the consumer. It has to be worth reading, and even more, this content has to be so good that your consumer looks forward to it. Then you can really talk about a connection between the brand and the consumer.”

Karen: “BeContent refers to content creation, but for us also to ‘contentment’. That sounds a bit fluffy, but we strongly believe in trust and a good relationship with our clients. If the trust is there, we believe that beautiful and powerful things can happen. For both large and small budgets!”

Becontent is a member of ACC and CUSTO.


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