We’re a creative
production company

We’re a creative content production agency

When it comes to content creation our agency in Antwerp, Belgium, answers all the most important questions. How do you keep track? How do you stay ahead? In this everchanging world, you need to stand out with strong visuals and video – but where do you start? Our content production agency is ready to offer the assistance you need.

What does our content creation agency offer you?

BeContent is a Belgium-based production agency with a passion for lifestyle content creation. Whether it’s fashion, food, advertising, portrait, still life, interior or beauty photography or video, each client or brand deserves a custom-made approach. We are experts in putting the DNA of the brand into our content strategies. The right brand image is too important to stand out.

A content production agency with a large network

We have built an extensive creative network throughout the years. BeContent Studio will always work to compose the best possible creative team to guide you from concept to creation. We can offer you tailor-made productions: crew, location, models, permits, set life and much more. We are on the case. So, we cover the full spectrum of visual storytelling to build a buzz around your brand. As a content creation agency we are known for our top end resources, efficient planning, transparent and accurate budgeting and quick problem solving competencies. We even have our own content shooting studio, which is available for rent!

Get in touch with us for high-quality content production

If you’re looking for a great team to manage your shoot, give our content creation agency a call via +32(0)477 47 16 46 or send an email to karen@becontent.be. We are very happy to assist you. If you are looking for a more standard procedure, we offer some packages below.

Call us on +32 477 47 16 46 or e-mail karen@becontent.be

In case you are looking for a more standard procedure we offer you some packages below.

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